For 40 years, legendary Baltimore low and moderate income investor, Philip Howard Collector has continued in providing better and better wholesale real estate purchases to fellow investors. Phil was a real estate broker in the very active real estate market of the late ’70’s and early ’80’s in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, and brings enormous savvy and experience to his customers.

The benefit of dealing with a fellow investor, for the first time or experienced investor, is that Phil’s team understands what an investor needs to fulfill their financial goals in real estate: extraordinary clarity about Market Value, the cost to the investor to prepare and sell the property at and below market value at a substantial profit, and the Income approach to producing true cash flow from income producing properties, which Baltimore has in enormous supply. The cost of properties has never been cheaper, and the residential rents have never been higher. Knowing and being a huge player and authority in the Baltimore area market place, is provided free to customers who purchase from Baltimore Wholesale Houses and its parent company IITrust LLC.